It Only Takes a Couple Minutes to Stay Healthy

Which is do you suppose is worse? Getting an upset stomach while on vacation, or when you get back home? With the flu seasons and virus going around, it’s very important you keep yourself safe, and yes, especially on vacation. When we travel, we take one container of disinfectant wipes with us, and several of the small purse size. Reason? To keep our hands clean and free from germs.

Consider this – if you are on a cruise, at a resort, or restaurant with a buffet – they are all trying to keep the food safe, right? However, it’s kind of like saying, “Ok, let’s not get dirty hands all over all the cookies, let’s all use these same tongs.” Ever watch people in a buffet line? They pick, and then lick their fingers and then grab the next tongs. Great! Did they even wash their hands in the first place? Do you feel safe after handling the tongs everyone else uses?

Have you ever thought it was funny that after using the restroom, you wash your hands, you dry them with a towel or the air dry method – and then you grab the door handle to leave? Did everyone wash their hands? Have you ever stood there and watched how many use the restroom and don’t wash their hands? Disinfectant wipes won’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase, but they will help keep you from getting ill. Travel Safely

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