Why YOU Need a Travel Agent Pt. 2

Our second story is a destination wedding that was the dream to get married in Juneau, Alaska. Our wedding couple planned everything with us and no matter how hard you plan, things can go wrong. This time weather was the culprit, followed by an airline mechanical delay - could have been a disaster instead of a saved wedding.

Our couple and their party of 19 friends and family was going on an Alaskan cruise and arranged to get married in Juneau Alaska when the ship was in port. We always try to convince our customers to leave the day before because you never know what can happen. The weather prevented their leaving on time that evening and was postponed until the next morning.

We received their call and quickly cancelled the hotel in Seattle (so they didn't get billed) and arranged hotel rooms for them near the airport. The next morning the airline had to split the party up, so some went on one flight, and the others were to go on a second flight. First group got off ok, but the second half of the wedding party got stranded in Minneapolis with a mechanical problm, delaying the flight for 4 hours.

Now the bad news!, Theymissed their cruise! Half of the wedding party boarded the ship and the other half missed leaving from Seattle. We got another phone call, we imeediatelyh went to work and arranged the airline to fly them directly to Juneau to met the ship when it arrived - HOWEVER, that wouldn't be for two days. So we had to call the cruise line to arrange their entry to the ship once it arrived in Juneau, and arrange for hotel rooms for 11 people in Juneau for two days. We did that quickly and successfully, also arranging two rental cars for two days.

The wedding party rejoined their other half when the ship arrived in Juneau, the wedding went off perfectly and everyone left together to finish the cruise.

HAPPY ENDING! Had they not had a travel agent, they would have had to be on the phone or a web site and try to coordinate all of this quickly. Instead, they had us, and that's what we do - we provide a service that's invaluable when you need it!

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