Why YOU Need a Travel Agent!

There are a lot of reasons why you should use a Travel Agent, but I'd like to share two recent real stories with you.

Not long ago, we booked a honeymoon couple to Sandals Resort in Antigua. They were to leave the next morning after the wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding reception went late into the night and our couple overslept the next morning in their room near the airport, and missed their flight.

When the groom called me that morning sounding distraught and helpless, he asked "Now what do we do?" I told him no problem, sit down, relax and I would handle everything - and that I did. I called the airline and told them of the problem that I had a honeymoon couple who missed their flight and needed help. The airline ticket agent worked with me to get them on the next flight out (1 hour), and also did not charge a re-booking fee.

I called the groom back and told him that they needed to get to the airport right away and go to the ticket desk. They got out on that next flight, and arrived one hour 40 minutes later than originally planned, but on the same day. I called Sandals right away and informed them to pick them up at the airport on the new flight time.

The couple arrived and began their honeymoon the same day! What would you have done? Perhaps it may not have been as easy if you booked it on the web. So, we accentuate one of our slogans - "Remember if you book it on your own, when there's a problem - you are on your own.

Please read the next post for story number two!

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