About  Cruise  &  Vacation Travel . . 

Frank and Melody

Our story is really simple.  We are a family owned travel consultant service, created in 2006 with a mission and a vision -   to provide the best value for our customers' vacation dreams.






"                                                         "Your best friend may not be a travel agent,

                                                            but a travel agent can be your best friend."  






It's true, you may book on your own for the best price, but you may not be getting the best price and the best value for your money.  Why settle for the web bargain, when you can get real value for your vacation?   You work hard, you save your money for your dream vacation, and then bargain shop - but the bargain may not meet your dreams.   We guarantee value, satisfaction, and wonderful memories.


We can't remember what we got for our birthday every year from mom and dad.  However, we can all remember the family vacations, or special places we went as a family for that quality time.   Gifts come and go, but places we have been stay with us all our life, and provide special memories.


Shouldn't your planned vacation, destination wedding, honeymoon - whatever the occasion - be something you remember with a smile on your face?   We create your vision into a memory - we are with you before, during and after your dreams have come true - we take care of the headaches, remove the "speed bumps" - we take care of everything, you just go and enjoy.


Remember, if you book on your own and something goes wrong, you're on your own.  If something does not happen according to plan, we fix it right then so you continue enjoying your dreams.

Mission  &  Vision



Mission Statement:  "Cruise & Vacation Travel wants to be everyone's  personal travel planning service, providing personal, customized travel planning and providing the best value for our customers.  We live by the Golden Rule.   Our quest is to turn vacation dreams into lasting memories."


​Vision Statement:  "We are customer driven and want to gain your trust and earn your business.  We are passionate about travel, we love traveling and want everyone to see more of our world.  We listen to what your dreams are and turn those dreams to lasting memories that meet and exceed your expectations, while providing the best value and service. "

Why  Plan  With  Us?


There are four important reasons why you should let us work for you:


1.  We don't want your money - we want your happiness and your referral - that's what makes us different!


2.  We work with the best vendors in the travel business and we can provide more choices, shop for the best price and greatest value - but we work for YOU and no one else.  We price shop for YOU!


3.  We are customer driven!  This means we listen to YOU, find out what you want to do, what you like/dislike, and then design your special memory.  


4.  You pay us NO FEES - only what you would spend for your travel!

Destination Weddings




This is your special moment in time and you should consider letting someone plan it for you.  Getting married is  one of the largest projects you will face in your life - it should be done perfectly!


That's what we do, we take the worry away from you and let you focus on the other details.   Your wedding location, honeymoon, or weddingmoon plans are in our hands.   You merely get to the airport and we take care of everything else for you.


We have special destinations we can arrange anywhere in the world.  We know the rules and laws of where you can get married, how to file, what is the waiting period for each country.