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They say "You Only Live Once" and "You Only Get Married Once".

Logically, both statements are correct, so why not make this important moment in life something special, unique, and memorable?
















There are so many unique destination weddings and wedding ceremonies in some of the most beautiful places on earth, and that can be YOUR special moment in time!

Whether it's a beach wedding, a tropical garden wedding, a resort wedding, a cruise wedding, or even an adventure wedding - we have all the resources.  Looking to get married in the Caribbean or Mexico?  Each country has their own rules, regulations, procedures and some have waiting periods.  We can help plan that event in the country or location you wish with no worries on your end.










We also know all the best places for that special honeymoon.


It all starts with giving us a phone call, and the excitement begins.


Sunset Beach Wedding
Beach Destination Wedding

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I wanted to share this with you because wedding ceremonies are conducted differently from country-to-country, and culture-to-culture.


This is the traditional "Tieing the Knot" Mexican wedding dance.  Both members dance and tie a ribbon with their feet.  This signifies working together at the success of the marriage and officially "tieing the knot."  Hope you will watch it!

Beach Wedding in the Caribbean